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Corporate Services

How can we help our corporate clients?

Souters can help corporate clients in two key areas:-
• Recruitment and Human Resources
• Training


Why Souters for Corporate training needs?

Souters' has been training support staff since 1988 at the forefront of this area of training enabling people to become competent very quickly in related work environments.


We now offer training in the following areas:

• Secretarial Skills
• Personal Assistant Skills
• MS Office skills to advanced level where needed
• Legal Secretarial Skills


Where Souters differs is that our roots lie in helping people improve themselves; they fund themselves for our training and our growth in this area has been ten-fold since 2001.


Why is this important to a company?

A. You have access to a pool of people who are prepared to pay for their own development and are therefore likely to be serious and dedicated employees.  

B. Souters' is as cost efficient a provider as will be found in the sector; other corporate providers tend to gear their pricing to a higher level for corporate clients.  

C. Souters' graduates are hands on and job ready; our training is commercially focussed and unique in its approach.

D. Souters uses live tutors where appropriate and does not rely exclusively on the more impersonal PC based training.


Bespoke Training Packages

We also design fully bespoke training packages on request to cover both generic and soft skills areas as well as office related IT skills. These can be delivered at our centre or at your own venue; we are currently providing courses for overseas delivery by our tutors.


Recruitment and Human Resources

Souters Careers division maintains an active data base of available trained candidates both experienced and newly trained. We charge a nominal administration fee for this service which is minimal in relation to typical agency commissions. If you would like to sample our service in this area you can call on 020 7248 8987.

We have worked variously with some of the largest names on the London  scene including companies such as:

• London Stock Exchange
• Reuters
• Citizens Advice Bureau
• Lazard Freres
• Investcorp
• Glaxo Smith Kline
• ZCCM Investments, Zambia
• Credit Suisse, Head Office staff, Zurich
• Elf Petroleum, Lagos, Nigeria

Souters is an approved centre

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