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Dear Joan, Darryl and Ben,

I hope you are well and busy with your precious work.

It has been a while since I finished my Secretarial Diploma Course with Souters.
All the things I have learnt have helped me not only to find a job, but also to deal with any
personal correspondence in a highly professional and presentable way.
My typing speed has increased and I am proud to be a student of Souters.

I finally got my documents sorted and I am now eligible to work as employee in the UK.
Thanks to the diplomas gained through my Secretarial course I have now an excellent offer
from Marks and Spencer PLC to work as a Workstream Administrator.

Best regards

Zornitza Ivanova

Dear Joan,

Thank you for issuing the certificate shortly as required.

I would also like to thank you for the tutorial courses and mention it has been a real pleasure to study with you.

It is the first course I have taken in UK and I did not know what to expect from it in the beginning. Now I can truly say it has been a fulfilling experience.
It gave me confidence and knowledge to move forward in my career.

I have hardly seen teachers who are so dedicated to share all their knowledge and wish for their students to exceed their own experience.

I also attach my resume for your records.

Wishing you a long and fruitful career within Souters.

Kind regards

Mihaela Palade

 Alison Hartnell

"From a personal point of view, I am finding your course very valuable. It has re-confirmed what I already know or do, but it has also helped to refine my skills. You are reminding me of things I have let slip and adding to my knowledge in the process. Also, as I am still unemployed, it is helping me retain my business head and confidence and ensuring that I will "hit the ground running" as soon as an opportunity arises.
I would definitely recommend your course to anyone.
With grateful thanks and best regards, "




"‘I started as a Legal Secretary to one of the senior partners… This was without having had any previous legal experience and having not worked in a secretarial position… The contents of your course have also stood me in good stead."
Lori Bennett - Souters' graduate who started as beginner and finished with a legal career

"Just a quick note, to let you know, without Souters I would have never broken into the Legal Field.
I was working as a beauty consultant and had just completed my Pitman's Secretarial Diploma. Since leaving you 7 years ago, I immediately got a job working at the CPS, I've been at several private firms since and now I work as an Office Manager.
To be honest, having the Souters course on my CV has helped me several times along the way as prospective employers have always picked up on it.
Best of luck for the future,
With fondest regards,
Lola Maja

Lola Maja - Souters' graduate who demonstrates the vast opportunities available within the Legal field.

"I have been successful in finding a position as a Conveyancing Secretary in a legal department
of a major property company.
This all came as such a blessing to me after having been on the ‘Agency’ for a year and a half."

Amanda Donnelly - A Legal Secretary who further her career with a Souters course.

"I can’t believe its only taken 3 months to get a job in legal after 18 months on the dole going
nowhere fast!"

Margaret Hall - Souters' graduate who broke into the legal industry after completing our course.

"I hated school and have never been back to education till now. You are a great tutor and
I may even try it again!"

Anne Ware - Souters' graduate who returned to education to boost her earning power.

"The results and the contract for my new job arrived at exactly the same time so, as you can imagine,
I was on top of the world. I have just finished my 3 day induction at Taylor Joynson Garrett on Victoria Embankment where I will be earning almost £4,000 more than my last position"

Catherine Cooke - Souters' graduate who boosted her earning after completing our course.

"I was really excited to have found a full-time job with a firm of solicitors in Maida Vale….I finished my exam on Wednesday 17 April and saw the interview for the post on the same day…Friday 19 April, I went to their offices for the interview. During the interview, I mentioned that I have just finished a Legal Secretarial Course with SOUTERS. The interviewers were very impressed indeed. After further questioning, he offered me the position."
Elizabeth Gnahore - Souters' graduate who broke into the legal industry immediately after completing our course.

‘Following the course, I left the Civil Service on voluntary redundancy and had only sent out 8 standard letters covering my cv to various legal firms and the very next day one firm phoned me up."
Miss B Cotter - Souters' graduate who successfully entered the industry following our course.

"At the beginning of the year I knew the time had come for a career change. I had become very unhappy in my job and decided to take your course and hope for the best. Well I cannot tell you how proud
I am of myself for gaining a good pass in the exam and, with your help, my first position."

Susan Coatsworth - successfully used Souters to make a career change.

"I started on 1 May with a company which deals with Conflict Management using arbitration, mediation etc to resolve disputes without going to court. Thank you very much for a stimulating, challenging
course which definitely opened this door for me."

Shirley McCall - Souters' graduate who broke into the legal industry after completing our course.

‘I was recently made redundant (one week after completing the Litigation course) and thought that it was then my big chance to get into legal…….Thank you for all the help and support, if it was not for the course and the lecturers at Souters I would not be doing the job that I always wanted to do."
Carly Helm - who after being made redundant used her course at Souters' to gain a legal job.

"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for such a brilliant course structure. Not only was the course fun, enjoyable and very entertaining, but with each lesson I become more and more sure that I was actually learning things….I’m now working at Clyde & Co (A Global Law Firm). I started here about 3 weeks after our course ended, having already been offered the position and accepted before I had even completed the course."
J Heywood - a Souters' graduate who gained a legal position in an international legal firm after completing the course.

"Although I had a few weeks’ experience working in a barrister’s chambers, I needed confidence and a better understanding of the legal world in England (being Scottish), which your course gave me."
Emma Currie - Souters' Graduate who successfully used our course to adapt to the English legal system.

"Thank you very much for your support and help in assisting me to gain entry in Paralegal School. I just graduated from the National Center for Paralegal Training, Atlanta, Georgia, USA – my speciality is in Civil Litigation. I must say that Souters did prepare me well for my legal career in the USA – as a matter of fact – anywhere in the World"
Jackie, Souters' Graduate who used her qualification to go on to pursue a Paralegal career in America. She is testament to the international prestige that Souters’ diploma holds.

"I have recently secured a part-time post as a Legal Secretary for Lawson Bueno and Co Solicitors in Willesden, who specialise in conveyancing. I am still at university, so am juggling study, work and family, but am enjoying it all."
Jennifer John-Charles - Souters' graduate who used our course to find a part-time legal secretarial job that could fit into her busy life.

"I was made two offers by two different solicitors, one in Marble Arch and one in Ladbroke Grove. The one in Marble Arch was very plush and expensive looking, but I was to be in front of the WP all day! They had no legal executives and were not looking for anybody. The office in Ladbroke Grove is not plush or expensive looking but they wanted someone to become very involved with Legal Exec possibilities so I said yes to them!"
Khadija Ibrahim - Souters' Graduate who used her qualification to break into the industry and pursue a more advanced Legal Career as a Legal Executive.

"Your help has enabled me to get a job as secretary in a firm dealing with trade mark law and I start in two weeks time!"
Joanna Hart - Souters' graduate who used her course to further her career.

"Thank you for helping me find a job. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to change their career path. Well done and thanks again to Souters for setting up this programme."
Natalie Morta - Souters' graduate who used our career’s service to gain her first legal position.

"I just though you might like to know that have managed to secure a job with Thomas Eggar Solicitors
as a Legal Secretary. Thanks again for giving me a headstart with the courses."

Charlotte Ottewill - who found a job after finishing her course.

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